Writing Inspiration Music

3c08480d-2286-4b2d-97d5-0f35e4045e08-6d108c86-dd48-4d2c-9915-7c6a3b4523fd-v1This is a suggested list of instrumental music that is perfect for writing inspiration.


Tal Vez – Ricky Martin

close-up-musical-instrument-piano-164922Romantic Piano/Ocean Soundtrack – Slow classical Piano

maxresdefaultPerfect (by Ed Sheeran) – 2 Cellos

61kxVKIQTrL._SS500Despacito (by Luis Fonsi) – 2 Cellos

443d9d4387332bdccb612cd5cf307892I will wait (by Mumford and sons) – 2 Cellos

R-675373-1153131539.jpegSecret Garden Greatest Hits Album – Best of Secret Garden

spanish guitarBest of Spanish Romantic Guitar Music

220px-RickyMartinPrivateEmotionCDSingleCoverPrivate Emotions – Ricky Martin

220px-OneRepublic_SecretsSecrets – One Republic

1346300394-993959468A Thousand Years (by Christina Perri) – Piano and Cello Cover