Review of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

This is the first Gillian Flynn novel I read and it was a fun, though a slow, book to read.

I think this author is a great storyteller and very clever, too. What I enjoyed the most if how crafty the author is with laying out her story and taking the reader for a ride through unexpected roads.

I enjoyed the way the author slowly guides the reader to get to know her characters who are very well developed and present distinct voices. They are so well constructed and conflicted but neither is likeable. The story is narrated in two points of view which makes you invest and be interested in each character and their individual motives.

The novel has a powerful beginning that develops slowly towards the middle. The tension explodes when you realize what’s going on. Flynn’s twist is potent but unfortunately, the story flops a little as events evolve too quickly becoming a bit unrealistic due to the easiness of how they happen. The story ending was not what I would have liked but it’s fitting with the tale.
As an author I found Flynn to be precise, even crude with her description of things we all see or think but never say out loud. I would say this was refreshing if it wasn’t a bit shocking.

A word of Caution:

One aspect I did not enjoy while reading the story is the abundance of cursing and foul language. I understand these two things are a common thing in people’s speech as well as in the written word, in daily life; this book is no exception. In my opinion, cursing and foul language don’t build up a story and don’t need to be there to make it better.

To those who are approaching the book looking for a rush of thrill and to enjoy a good mystery, they will definitely find it in this novel. You will also find yourself reading a raw representation of human nature at its worst, or best (depending on how you see it).


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Laurie Hazel is a Women's Fiction and Inspirational Romance Writer based in Hamilton, ON where she lives with her husband and two young daughters. Her stories are characterized by wholesome, sweet romances where courage, hope and strong faith take centre stage in the face of adversity. Her work has been published by Whispering Willow Press and Colorful Pen Press.

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