The Starlight Crystal by Christopher Pike

 I read this book twice. Once as a teenager and once as an adult. When I read it as a teenager I thought this book was amazing. It really did affect the way I thought and understood what I knew about Creation and a Higher Power, though at the time, I didn’t know Pike wrote influenced by believes and studies of Eastern Philosophy.

Today, as an adult, and mother, I read the novel again this time with different eyes. I now have a clear and profound belief in God and the Bible that does not coincide with beliefs in reincarnation and Creation as portrayed in this book by Pike.

When I was younger, this book made me dream and hope for that perfectness of love and falling in love that Pike is so skilled at describing. He understands emotions and makes a great job of narrating his stories through feelings. This speaks directly to a teenager’s heart. The Starlight Crystal is told through a quiet melancholy and it explores feelings not of only of love but of pain and loneliness, too.

In terms of plot, it’s a wonderful story and very cleverly done though it did feel a little rushed in some parts of it as well as a bit confusing at times. This is understandable, though,  because of the word count required for this kind of YA fiction. I think Pike is a master of plots and a really good storyteller.

What I always enjoyed about Christopher Pike’s books is the triumph of love. That feeling of hope and real connection he creates when he uniting his characters.

In Pike’s writing, you have to know that there will always be clever twists along the way which makes his books so interesting. This is one of the reasons why this author was and always will be one of the ones I have enjoyed the most over the years.






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Laurie Hazel is a sweet/clean contemporary romance and romantic women's fiction writer based in southern Ontario. Her writing is characterized by wholesome, heartwarming stories of love where courage, hope and strong faith take centre stage in the face of adversity. Her work has been published by Whispering Willow Press and Colorful Pen Press.

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