Jury of His Peers by Debbie Macomber

This is a short novella with a light tone. A brief plot that seemed to be a bit rushed and used silly reasons to continue moving ahead. 

It starts out interestingly and with a funny tone but as the story progresses it begins to lose consistency and depth.

The whole story is built around a silly criminal case that is very lightly developed. Hero and heroine both belong to the jury. As the plot moves along, the hero and heroine become the target of threats for being the only jurors voting differently against the rest. This propels the story into action forcing the protagonists to run away together, thus creating the perfect scenario for isolating them together and allow the tension between them to grow.

Very early in the story, I was not able to connect with the characters. Caroline Lomax, the heroine, was not relatable to me and it did not inspire any empathy or like. Her childish reasons to misbehave as an adult are not coherent with her goal of trying to prove she’s capable and passionate about what she loves to do. A very negative character who’s in conflict with everyone around her including the hero. 

Ted Thomasson, the hero, is more likeable but still also unrealistic. Though he was better developed as a character than Caroline, he’s still obnoxious because he’s too perfect.

Overall, light read, not deep in any way. No big development or growth for the characters. The idea has great potential but it needed more time.

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Laurie Hazel is a sweet/clean contemporary romance and romantic women's fiction writer based in southern Ontario. Her writing is characterized by wholesome, heartwarming stories of love where courage, hope and strong faith take centre stage in the face of adversity. Her work has been published by Whispering Willow Press and Colorful Pen Press.

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