About Me


I’m Laurie Hazel. I’m the mother of two adorable little girls and a wife who’s been married for eleven years with her first love.

We are both Bible students and active members of our church. As a woman of faith, I am on a journey to continually develop and strengthen my faith so that through my example I can teach and guide my girls in the good ways of the Lord in today’s world.

My background is in Psychology with a specialty in Psychoanalysis. I currently work for the public library in my city and I also volunteer as the librarian at our daughters’ school, which belongs to our church. So, life is pretty busy.

Every night for a couple of hours and during the occasional free hour during the day, I am a passionate writer of romantic escapes. I enjoy writing about love, marriage and motherhood. 

My work has been published through Colorful Pen and Whispering Willow Press.

I am currently working on my second novel, a second chance romance. 

I am an active member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association, the  Hamilton Mountain Writers’ Guild and a contributor at Word Silly.

When I’m not busy with my girls, working, volunteering or running around doing errands I love reading and painting with watercolours.

Welcome, once again, to my blog and to my thoughts as I share with you my journey as a writer and as I learn more about what it takes to become an author.

I do hope you enjoy.

                     Laurie Hazel