About Me


I’m Laurie Hazel. I’m the mother of two adorable little girls. I’m also a wife, married ten years with my first love. We are both Bible students and active members of our church and I volunteer as the librarian at our daughters’ school, which belongs to our church.

By night and during the occasional free school hour I am a passionate writer of romantic escapes. At the moment I am working on my first book, a contemporary romance novel, set in Canada and Australia. I am also writing a series of short stories about relationships, love, and motherhood that I hope to get published soon.

I am an active member of the Hamilton Mountain Writers’ Guild and a contributor at wordsilly.com. I enjoy participating in the writing community events in my area and meeting new and established authors of any and every genre.

When I’m not writing or running around doing errands, driving with my girls to their different activities, I love reading. I enjoy a variety of literature from classics,  romances, thrillers and horror to non-fiction of many kinds.

Welcome once again to my blog and to my thoughts as I share with you my journey as a writer and as I learn more about what it takes to become an author.

I do hope you enjoy.

            Laurie Hazel