The author behind the pseudonym Laurie Hazel is a writer, a psychologist specialized in psychoanalysis and a portrait and watercolour artist.

Laurie writes contemporary, clean/sweet romance and romantic women’s fiction. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America, the Women’s Fiction Association and the Hamilton Mountain Writers’ Guild. She loves connecting with writers and readers alike, so be sure to drop her a note.  

Laurie got her start in the industry writing short-stories. She has co-authored and published two short-story anthologies for the romance and psychological suspense markets. Her work has been published by Colorful Pen,  Whispering Willow Press, and the Hamilton Mountain Writers’ Guild. Her debut novel is the first book of the Honey Harbour Series, a contemporary sweet romance trilogy that will be released in the summer of 2022. 

Encouraged by her father’s love for literature, Laurie has been an avid reader, since a very young age. She’s always enjoyed reading across a variety of genres but once she found the magic of love stories and the journeys towards hopeful happily ever afters, there was no looking back.

Always curious about how human nature, its passions and the way emotions play a part in behaviour Laurie found her studies and work in the psychology and psychoanalysis fields fascinating. Captivated by how the progression of writing is comparable to that of psychologists and psychoanalysts going through their process of getting to know their patients, Laurie began experimenting with writing. She found, that as it happens for psychologists with their patients, writers enter an intriguing new exploration with the slow unveiling of each one of their characters and the stories that define them. 

But a balance is always necessary when it comes to finding true love and not simply ending burnt with passion. Laurie’s love for the study of the Word of God helped start her personal journey towards that balance, which is what she strives to express through her work.

Additionally, having grown up and having experienced life in different countries and cultures, like the unique and striking highlands of Bolivia, in South America, or the stunning beaches of New South Wales, in Australia, to the gorgeous East Coast of the U.S.A., many places have been home to Laurie. She gives those little pieces of heart to her characters. In Laurie’s writing, you will find heartwarming, wholesome stories of love, inspired by the courage, hope and strong faith that repeatedly take centre stage in the face of adversity. Now she wants to share, with you, those sweet, romantic escapes to make you dream about love.

Laurie is based in beautiful Southern Ontario where she lives with her husband and two young daughters. When she’s not writing, researching, at church or running her girls’ tight schedules, you can find her devouring a regular diet of books and painting with watercolours.