Persuasion by Jane Austen

This novel was my introduction to the legendary Jane Austen and I can honestly say that as a storyteller this marvellous author blew me away. The book has a simple premise and follows the rekindling of a long lost love from youth in a more mature time in the life of the main characters.

The narration details all the social rules that framed relationships between men and women and how these rules moulded beliefs and behaviour in peoples’ interactions.

I enjoyed every line I read and as the story flowed I got more and more immersed in Anne’s world. The painted pictures of life in that era, the way relationships took place and evolved, the holding back of emotions to honour propriety are exquisitely exposed in a fun, fluid way.

The story builds up towards a long-awaited and extremely powerful climax. After knowing very little about the hero as a man, all throughout the story, the reader is finally rewarded with a brief but mighty revealing of his feelings conveyed in the most amazing love letter.

This book is worth reading for the pure pleasure of a good story, but if you love category romance and love stories that will shake your heart this novel is a must-read.

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