The Courage of Becoming a Writer

Dormant Dreams

Sometimes we re-discover dormant dreams that are buried underneath a pile of life that simply happened to us. If you are one of the lucky ones, who can find a respite from the burdens of the everyday comings and goings, you might be able to catch a glimpse of those dreams snoring under the covers. When you do, you have two options, you can either respect their sleep and move on, or you can wake them up and see if they want to join you again in the journey of your life.

Five years ago, I decided to wake mine up. Since the day it happened, I have been traveling this life with my dreams by my side. But, bringing youthful dreams back into your life is never an easy thing to do. If they are old dreams, they come with baggage. And, more often than not, they make sure to rub it in your face that the time you let them slip away was precious time you lost, and time you missed from developing them. This could not be truer for dreams like mine, which are about being a good writer and becoming an author.

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I would love to hear your thoughts and about your personal journey of when did you discovered your love for writing and decide to become a writer?

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    • Hi Soni,
      Thanks for the comment. I’ll be releasing new info very soon. Hope you stop by and enjoy.

  1. Hi Laurie!

    I always promised myself that I would sit down and write something. There were times when I did but most of the time I didn’t. It wasn’t until I became a dad and I watched my little girls create their own stories that the excuse ran dry.

    One day when my oldest came home from kindergarten she showed me her story that she wrote in class. She turned to me and asked why I don’t write. Something tells me she knew I could and she was daring me to try.

    Kids have an amazing way of pushing us in the right direction and on that day she did.

    In case you’re curious, my first novel will be published this summer.

    • Hi Bryan!

      Well, I have to say you do have a writer in you and he’s an interesting one too.

      Similar to what happened to you, my girls are the wind beneath my wings. I’m just glad I made the decision, one day, to take that leap of faith and begin my writing career because it really is what I love to do. Kids surely have a way of showing us things and helping us rediscover the people we really are inside, I completely agree with you.

      CONGRATULATIONS on your first novel. I will be cheering you on the sides, waiting to get my hands in your book. Make sure to keep me updated on the release date and all those details.

      I too will have a first piece being published this summer as part of a collection of short stories. These are exciting times for us my friend. Cheers!

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