The Starlight Crystal by Christopher Pike

I read this book twice. Once as a teenager and once as an adult. When I read it as a teenager I thought this book was amazing. It really did affect the way I thought and understood what I knew about Creation and a Higher Power. But then I didn’t know Pike wrote influenced by his believes and studies of Eastern Philosophy. Nowadays, as an adult, I read it with different eyes and a clear and profound belief in God and the Bible that does not coincide with beliefs in reincarnation and Creation as portrayed in this book by Pike.

When I was younger, this book made me dream and hope for that perfectness of love described in it. Pike is a master of describing love and falling in love. He understands emotions and he makes a great job of narrating his stories through feeling. This story is told through a quiet melancholy and it explores feelings of pain and loneliness.

In terms of plot, its wonderful and very cleverly done. It did feel a little rushed at some point and also a bit confusing at times, but it’s understandable because of the word count required for this kind of YA fiction. I think Pike is a master of plots and a wonderful storyteller.

What I always enjoyed about Christopher Pike’s books is the triumph of love. That feeling of hope and real connection that he is a master of when he unites characters.

In Pike’s writing, you have to know that there will always be clever twists along the way which make his books so interesting.

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    • You are welcome. Pike is one of my all-time favourite authors, but I read him now with a more discerning mind. When I read him as a teen my young, naive mind was open to pretty much everything. As an adult and a writer, though I am no longer swayed by just anything, I can still appreciate how good he is at his craft.

    • I have been a Christopher Pike reader since I was 12. As a hardcore fan of his, I have read most of his books and researched him as an author for years. The opinions and thoughts about his work, in my reviews, are my own.

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